So What Are Non Slip Grip Socks & Why Do Trampoline Centres Need Them?

9th October, 2014

Safety Measures on Trampolines: Grip Socks Trampoline Centers: What are they? Sport is good; no one can deny this fact. This is the reason why these days there are many leisure activities which involve both physical exercise for cardio and the chance to get good fun. Some of these activities however, do pose a safety

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Unitix leads non slip grip sock supply for Australian Trampoline centres.

30th September, 2014

Inspired by the craze pioneered in the United States, Australian trampoline centres are proving to be a big hit. Unitix is here to help trampoline operators source their merchandise, and our success in this capacity has made us the leading supplier for non slip grip socks in the Australian market. Our large buying power ensures

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Safety Socks at Trampoline Parks

28th September, 2014

Kids and adults alike are being attracted to a new activity gaining popularity throughout Australia. Flips, jumps and spins are all part of the show at many new Australian trampoline centres, however a rise in traumatic injuries has caused concern. The number of these injuries from indoor trampoline parks has risen and orthopaedics and paediatric

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wristband technology

Little Nippers Give Digital Wristbands a Try

24th September, 2014

Little Nippers Give Digital Wristbands a Try Using RFID technology, the new wristbands allow lifesavers to read a wearers medical information. With a swift wave of an iPhone or Android device, users can communicate with the wristband to access vital life-saving information. Going by the name of “Safe Mate”, designer Ewan Le Bourhis says he was

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