So What Are Non Slip Grip Socks & Why Do Trampoline Centres Need Them?

Posted by The Unitix Team on 9th October, 2014

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Safety Measures on Trampolines: Grip Socks

Trampoline Centers: What are they?

Sport is good; no one can deny this fact. This is the reason why these days there are many leisure activities which involve both physical exercise for cardio and the chance to get good fun. Some of these activities however, do pose a safety challenge for participants, especially to the younger ones. One such activity involves the latest rise in popularity of trampoline centers and parks. The idea is quite simple, really. In these centers people of all ages can take part in different activities based on jumping on trampolines. In general, participants reserve jump time that lasts anywhere from an hour to two hours. These jumping sessions can be used individually or in groups (friends, family or classmates are the most popular) and provide healthful entertainment. Sports specialists agree that trampolining is a fabulous exercise to increase strength, tone muscles and improve cardio fitness.

Safety Issue: Why it matters so much

It seems that the growth in popularity of trampoline centers has brought along accidents related to this activity. Non slip footwear can ensure a safe grip upon landing. Also, there are certain “holes” between the trampoline bed and the frame, and wearing the right trampoline socks can prevent toes from getting caught in there, thus preventing sprains or even broken bones. Minor accidents do happen while trampolining and even when these rushes to the ER have not been life-threatening, they have raised awareness regarding safety measures, so much so that safety policies have been expanded in many of these facilities in order to include further measures, like mandatory liability waiver contract and the use of non slip socks.

Trampoline Grip Socks: What are they?

Trampoline grip socks or trampolining socks are special non slip socks which have been designed to prevent slipping while jumping. Most parks now request their visitors to jump either barefoot or with these trampoline socks. Usually made of polyester or cotton or a combination of both materials, these ankle-high non slip socks feature non slip dots on the bottom. It is this quality that makes them particularly helpful in preventing accidents from happening on a trampoline. Some trampoline socks manufacturers offer a longer-lasting alternative: trampoline socks made of polyester, spandex and elastic. The advantage of these non-slip socks is that they last longer than cotton ones, and also, that they come “one-size-fits- all” models. This feature is particularly practical for trampoline centers that attract people of all sizes and ages.

Non Slip Socks: What are they good for?

Apart from their much-needed use while jumping, these trampolining socks can be used at home, for gym or other kinds of indoor exercise programs including gymnastics or yoga. In general, they are much cheaper than other kinds of socks; $2.00 is the standard price in most trampoline centers. It is true that some customers may feel forced to buy the socks on their first visit, but you should remember that it is a part of the safety policy most centers have agreed on. Plus, once you purchase the socks, they are yours to keep. So next time you feel like jumping, you can take your socks with you, provided you have washed them, of course!

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