Unitix leads non slip grip sock supply for Australian Trampoline centres.

Posted by The Unitix Team on 30th September, 2014

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Inspired by the craze pioneered in the United States, Australian trampoline centres are proving to be a big hit. Unitix is here to help trampoline operators source their merchandise, and our success in this capacity has made us the leading supplier for non slip grip socks in the Australian market.

Our large buying power ensures trampoline operators highly competitive prices, and our quality assurance officers oversee the entire production process, from material sourcing to final packaging.

Non slip grip socks are an essential addition to a trampoline centres line of merchandise. Ensure your establishments’ safety and hygiene standards by implementing Unitix indoor trampoline socks.

Contact Unitix today. Our dedicated staff will provide you with an ideal solution to meet your requirements.

Image via Weekend Notes